About the Library

Who Am I and What is The Muse's Library?

My name is Angela R. Sasser and The Muse's Library is my brainchild as an artist and Arts Administrator passionate about helping other artists!

As both a working artist, artisan, and entrepreneur, I understand how difficult it is to create and put art out there with all the decisions that you have to make in-between the creative process and reaching your audience.

What am I Making?

I hope to encourage artists to stay inspired and focus on creating by providing resources to aid in the creative process. I also want to help artists make good decisions in their careers by providing reviews and information to help them spend wisely! 

I provide my unique perspective as a working artist by creating the following. All FOR artists BY an artist!

Art Product Reviews - Reviews of art supplies, art gadgets, art classes, suppliers of marketing materials, and other tools.

Art Book Reviews - Reviews of art book collections and other handy book resources for artists.

Art Marketing Articles - Informative articles on how an artist can best reach their audience.  Mainly focusing in e-marketing and social media, which is my area of expertise. All based on my own real-world experience as an artist and training as an Arts Admin MA.

Photo References for Artists - Royalty free reference photos for artists to use in their projects. As an artist, myself, I know what makes a good pose and reference!

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I hope you'll join me on this journey of inspiration. I look forward to watching you all grow and create! :)

The Muse
Angela S.

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