Referral Links

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for my art business, plus referral links to help you out!

Using my referral links usually gives me a little kickback as well!  I appreciate you feeding the muse, but also encourage you to find the best deal where you can.  Happy shopping, art friends!


My preferred project funding platform.  If you open an account with this referral link, we'll both earn money if you can raise over 30 Patrons in your first 30 days!
- Use my referral link.

Online Learning

The Mary Sue Shop
A store hosted by the geek and feminist news site, The Mary Sue.  They have fantastic deals on online training for software, discounted apps, etc. regularly.  Using my referral link nets you $10!
- Use my referral link.

A site where you can learn project-based skills, such as typography, graphic design, etc.  My referral link earns you 3 months of Premium access for 99 cents.


Canvas Champ (Review)
My preferred canvas printing source for pre-stretched prints.  Using my referral link earns you 85% off + free shipping on your first order.
- Use my referral link.

A print service which offers custom printed envelopes in addition to art prints and posters. They have interesting paper surfaces, such as holographic and felt and also offer foil finish.  Using my referral link nets you $10 off your first order.
- Use my referral link.

I Print From Home
My favorite place to print giclee and art prints!  Using my referral links earns us both Thank You dollars.
- Use the referral name 'Angela Sasser' when signing up or my referral link.

I use this service to produce open edition prints for my Etsy shop.  It seamlessly integrates with my shop so that Printful can fulfill prints to my customers for me with pack in items I customise.  This saves me so much time and is great for international selling, as they also fulfill in the US and EU and are always expanding!  Using my referral link to sign up for Printful nets me a 10% commission for 9 months.
- Use my referral link.


A Chinese company that prints art on a variety of exciting products and has a lot of great deals.  Using my referral link earns us both credits with their site.
- Use my referral link.

My favorite place to have apparel and other cute products featuring my art printed!
- Get $10 off your first order when you use my referral link.

Sticker Mule
In addition to stickers, they also produce labels, magnets, and buttons.
- Get $10 off your first order when you use my referral link.

A great place to get quick convention freebies for a good price!
- Get free delivery on $25 or more spent + 30% when you use my referral link.


Etsy (Review)
A handmade marketplace where you can share art. Using my referral link nets you 40 free listings to try it with no strings attached!  This link also works even if you have a username, but haven't listed an item yet.
- Use my referral link.

Etsy on Sale
A service that works in tandem with Etsy to customize your listings for unique sales events.  Claiming via my referral link earns us both 5 free credits to use for sales events!
- Use my referral link.


My favorite source for procuring art books.  Using my referral link earns me a small kickback from your purchase.
- Use the links from my book reviews

I use this site to earn cashback at some of my favorite vendors (ie. earn 3% cashback at Vistaprint, 1% at Etsy, etc.)!  They have a toolbar you can add to your browser that autodetects when cashback is available on a site.  It's an easy way to save a little money that comes back to you later!
- Use my referral link.

The Mary Sue Shop
One of my favorite feminist geek news sites and also a great source for discount programs I've frequently found useful for art and design projects.
- Use my invite link.

Website Design & Hosting

1&1 Web Hosting
This service hosts all of my websites and has been serving them reliably for years.  They're stable, fast, and include plenty of perks, like a free domain url and SSL certificates with their web hosting packages.  Using my link to purchase your hosting earns me a small commission.
- Use my referral link.

Imagely & NextGEN Gallery
This is my favorite plugin that makes the galleries on my Wordpress-based Art site look so sexy!  Using my referral link earns me a little kickback.
- Use my referral link.