Thursday, July 16, 2020

Kickstarter Post-Mortem: Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Book

Cross-posted from my Patreon blog and re-shared here for your convenience!
I wrote a rather extensive post on Facebook back in 2018 about my experience with my Birthstone Goddesses coloring book Kickstarter as an artist with a small following. I am finally re-posting it here so it is more accessible to all! (This project was known as the Ladies of the Months back then. Ah, title regrets!)
Book Kickstarters are a LOT of work and this post summarizes the life cycle of how this campaign operated with bonus pointers at the end as to why my first Kickstarter for the Birthstone Goddesses failed. You'll also find a compilation of links to my ads, landing pages, etc. at the end for further study.  
May this prove useful for any of you hoping to run your own Kickstarters in the future!  SHOUT OUT to the Make Your Art Work folks whose Kick Start Art Intensive with Stephanie Law prepared me for the Kickstarter journey that helped me make this campaign a success!


  • My Project Link
  • My Project's Goal: $8k
  • Campaign Length: 30 Days
  • Hype Time: 2 months
  • Ad Budget: $200
  • All Stretch Goals Met - Ending Total - $9.4k
I started out with a somewhat small audience (approx. 250 on my mailing list at the time).